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Anita Isalska

is a writer & content marketing consultant 

based in San Francisco.

What I Do

Content Strategy

I build content for brands including Rippling, Superhuman, Lonely Planet, and Wondery. Whether you want to create a new channel, scale SEO content, or refine your strategy, let's see what I can do for your brand. 

Recent Clients

Project Management

I’ve spent 10 years as an editorial project manager for web and print. I design content plans from scratch, from travel books to blogs to drip campaigns. You can trust me to build your project—to brief and on deadline.

Journalism & Storytelling

My writing has been published by BBC, CNN, The Independent, National Geographic, and more. If you need to commission a feature within a tight deadline or want a quote for custom content, let's talk.


About Me

Between growing up in the United Kingdom, living in France, moving to Australia and now residing in California, the written word has been my one constant. 

To me, effective writing sparks curiosity. Even a single sentence has the power to take the reader on a journey.



“Here in Bulgaria’s mountainous heart, grand monuments memorialize a history of pain and perseverance.”


Contact Me
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